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Teachers in Discussion

What is CEBE?

CEBE – the Center for Evidence-Based Education – is an independent network of experienced educators committed to assisting schools, networks of schools, and school systems in improving performance, transforming practice, and eliminating achievement gaps. Focusing on Designing Learning, Leadership for Learning, and New Cultures for Learning, CEBE draws upon a diverse range of strategies and tools, including Learning Rounds, Job-Embedded Coaching, Innovation Catalysts, and Strategic Networking, in support of its evidence-based approach to learning, growth and achievement.

With its focus on Learning, CEBE works to recognize, respect, and reconcile the complex dilemmas facing educators in their different contexts, and to assist them in attending to the realities of transforming their schools, networks of schools, and school systems into successful communities of practice.

Currently (2012), CEBE’s work includes a focus on:

  • The Leadership of Sustainable Change
  • Performance Beyond Expectations
  • Innovation as Strategy
  • Global Benchmarking: Performance, Practice, and Policy
  • Autonomy as a Pre-Condition for Sustainable Success
  • Mutual Responsibility and Accountability

Drawing upon a clearly articulated Theory of Action” enables the CEBE team to assist those with whom they work to develop the breakthrough practice essential to moving from where they are to where they aspire and need to be. In working to transform practice, performance, and policy, CEBE builds upon existing successful work, in the US and globally, to promote innovation by schools, with schools, and for schools – for students.