About our Work

The Center for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE) employs the evidence of inquiry, research, and analysis to assist schools, networks of schools, and school systems, in their efforts to improve performance, promote innovation, and sustain transformation.

CEBE has a particular interest in strategic networking—enabling the work of improvement, innovation, and transformation to be accomplished by schools, with schools, and for schools – for students. Thus, its commitment to practice-based evidence—actionable evidence upon which transformation is both achieved and sustained.

Additionally, it focuses on learning – the learning of students, teachers, principals, superintendents, and other administrators, as well as of organizations, networks, and systems. CEBE not only works to develop and support practices that promote deep learning, but also looks to develop cultures that are infused by learning, and that add sustainable value to the work of students, teachers, principals, superintendents, and other administrators.

Through its Actionable Inquiry Initiative, CEBE demonstrates its firm commitment to inquiry, through which it maximizes, networks, and develops the expertise of the schools, networks of schools, and school systems with which it works. It is committed to assisting all of these groups in developing breakthrough practice: practice that enables them to break through from where they are to where they need to be. In this work, it draws upon strategies that are both supportive of working in depth on the detail of practice and are sustainable.

One of CEBE’s primary concerns is with the standards and quality of learning and teaching, and how these can be transformed to ensure that all students, especially those living in historically disadvantaged communities, can achieve at high standards. To this end, it pays particular attention to the development of systems (and wherever necessary the creation of new systems); to the capital (intellectual, organizational, and social) upon which schools, networks of schools, and school systems draw; to leadership, especially “Leadership for Learning,” and to the development of “leaderful communities” – communities in which leadership is a strength of the whole community, and in which a high priority is given to developing leaders, and leadership.

CEBE’s leadership work is grounded in a set of principles—the Leadership for Learning Principles”that were developed by the international Carpe Vitam: Leadership for Learning Initiative, in which CEBE was an active participant, and which were thereafter contextualized by educators in the US.

Through a set of strategic partnerships, both national and global, CEBE involves the schools, networks of schools, and school systems with which it works in leading edge thinking and practice. Through regional partnerships, it designs innovative initiatives to support practitioners, especially those in leadership roles, and those working in teams, to transform learning.

CEBE’s initiatives are customized to respond to the contexts and needs of individual schools, networks of schools, and school systems. They include:

Actionable Inquiry—enabling those with whom CEBE works to identify strengths and challenges in the areas of learning, culture, and leadership, to achieve sustainable improvement and transformation.

Designing Learning—assisting educators in developing their work in ways that not only promote purposeful learning, deep engagement, and key thinking dispositions in their students, but also their own learning as educators, and that of the systems in which they work.

Leadership for Learning—building the leadership capacity of individuals and teams, using a set of internationally developed benchmark principles, allied to creative and interactive leadership development practices.

New Cultures for Learning– creating cultures that are supportive of learning, that infuse learning throughout the work of a school, and that add value to the daily work of students, teachers, principals, and other administrators.

Strategic Networking—structuring and facilitating both intra-school and inter-school networks in ways that not only support and challenge educators, but also underpin deep learning, and lead to sustainable transformation in performance and practice. Currently, CEBE is working to develop a web-based platform to support and extend this work globally.