About Us

An experienced network of successful and innovative educators, members of the CEBE team share a firm commitment to continuously improving, and wherever necessary, transforming, educational practice – in the interests of students’ learning, together with the learning of teachers, principals, superintendents, other administrators, school board members, parents, and other stakeholders.

Focused on developing sustainable systems that will ensure that all students learn successfully, and at high standards, and on eliminating achievement gaps, the CEBE team engages with schools, networks or schools, school systems, and interested stakeholders in learning, knowing that:

                “Many things we need can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time his bones are

                Being formed, his blood is being made, his mind is developing. To him we cannot

                Say tomorrow, his name is today.”



Gabriela Mistral, 1946

Llamado por el Niňo (The Call for the Child)

David Green - President


David Green, formerly one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools in England, has lived and worked in the US for almost twenty years. During this time, he has worked on school change, improvement, and leadership initiatives with state education departments, school districts, schools, and networks of schools, especially those serving historically disadvantaged communities. Focusing much of his work on teaching and learning and the leadership of sustainable improvement in the day-to-day practice and performance of teachers and administrators, he has also served as an advisor to a wide range of organizations and foundations.
Currently, he serves as President of the Princeton-based Center for Evidence-Based Education where he is involved in work in teaching and learning, leadership for learning, innovation, and strategic networking. International benchmarking, especially of practice, is of particular interest to him, especially with regard to leadership, evaluation, and assessment. His complementary interest in the contributions other professions can make to education focuses on medicine and the business/nonprofit sectors. With regard to the former, his interest lies in how medicine seeks to improve the practice and performance not only of individuals but also of and throughout systems; whereas with the latter, he is interested in the interrelationship between how business/nonprofit leaders think and act, especially with regard to innovation; how they develop leadership, as well as responsibility, in building their organizations’ culture, and in the development and realization of strategy.
David is especially committed to clarifying and developing practice-based evidence, evidence-based strategies, and coherent policies that can shape and drive the day-to-day actions of teachers, administrators, and policymakers, and transform school, school systems and networks of schools.

Deborah Alder - Senior Associate

Deb brings over thirty years of experience to her work with CEBE.  She began her career as a special education teacher in a suburban district in southeastern Pennsylvania.  This experience fostered the development of her strong belief in the importance of high expectations for all students.  She has worked diligently to ensure that this happens in her educational roles as an Instructional Support Teacher, Language Arts Department Head, middle school assistant principal, interim elementary principal, and elementary principal.  In addition to her background in education, she holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, certification as a school psychologist, and training in Restorative Practices.  Throughout her career, and especially during her tenure as principal, Deb successfully instituted numerous programs and on-site staff development designed to improve culture, community, and performance, including walk-throughs, professional learning communities, and data-based decision making.  Believing passionately in professional development as the path to student achievement, she continues her own professional learning by mentoring new administrators through her association with the Pennsylvania Principal’s Mentoring Network and certification as a mentor through NAESP.  As an adjunct professor, Deb continues to share her passion for teaching and learning with future educators.  She is looking forward to working with the members of CEBE to support their mission on behalf of children.

Rosemary Cataldi - Senior Associate

Rosemary Cataldi was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Pa.   She attended Philadelphia High School for Girls and Temple University where she received her bachelors and masters degrees.    In her 36 years as a career educator in the School District of Philadelphia she served as a teacher, a staff developer, a teacher coach, a change facilitator, a curriculum coordinator and a principal.  She helped several schools attain model status with the Coalition of Essential Schools, a national school reform organization. She is a certified Critical Friends Coach. She currently serves as president of the board of Mid-Atlantic Coalition of Essential Schools, the Southeastern Pennsylvania center for the Coalition.   During her tenure as principal of Cook-Wissahickon, the school experienced tremendous growth.  At John Hancock she worked successfully with staff to overcome the achievement gap.   Both of her schools received “Best Practice” awards under her leadership.   Ms. Cataldi has continued to pursue her own professional growth obtaining certification as a principal mentor from NAESP and as a staff developer from the Academy program of the NSDC.    She is excited to share her passion, experience and expertise to improve conditions for teachers and children in other districts.

Tom Clark - Senior Associate

Tom brings forty years of experience in teaching and learning to the Center for Evidence-Based Education.  He served as a High School Science Teacher, NDEA Fellow and Teaching Associate at Temple University, Research Associate and Director of the School District of Philadelphia Office of Research and Evaluation.  Tom chaired Middle States Accreditation teams for six years. His education included a Master of Science Education and Doctor of Education from Temple University.

Andy Cole - Principal Associate

Andrew (Andy) M. Cole is the Director of the Office of Leadership Development for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).  As Director, he is charged with developing and managing leadership programs for the 24,000 instructional and support employees within the district.   Mr. Cole oversees Fairfax County Public Schools career development programs, principal and assistant principal induction programs, the Wallace Foundation leadership initiatives (LEAD Fairfax), and the professional development academy program.  He also manages the portfolio promotion program for assistant principals and the support employee leadership institute.

Previously, Mr. Cole served as the Director of the Office of Employee Performance and Development for FCPS.  Over the years in this position, he guided the performance evaluation process and new-hire orientation for more than 24,000 employees while also shaping succession management plans, labor relations policies, and career development policies.

Mr. Cole chaired the Virginia Department of Education’s Model Curriculum Committee for the Commonwealth Collaborative to engage school districts to work in partnership on leadership development issues.  He actively serves on many other regional and national committees including: the University of Virginia’s Statewide Advisory Council for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies; E-Lead (an on-line professional leadership service for school leaders).  He is adjunct faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership, as well as, the University of Virginia’s Educational Leadership cohort.  He is currently an appointed member of the Virginia Education Roundtable.

A graduate of Temple University, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Counseling, as well as several training certifications in leadership and professional development.  Nationally, Mr. Cole was recognized as a recipient of the Coro Foundation’s prestigious Public Affairs Fellowship.

Mr. Cole is a leader in a wide range of community and civic organizations and volunteers his talent to help strengthen communities. He has served on the Virginia State Library Board – the first African-American Chair of the Library of Virginia, has helped develop a Board for Hispanic Free Health Clinic, chaired the Reston Community Centers Governing Board, worked with city councils and unions, and managed state political campaigns. 

Sandra Cromwell - Vice President, Operations

Sandra Cromwell joined CEBE in January of 2009 with over twelve years of Corporate Business Development and Talent Management experience.   In her current role as CEBE’s Vice President of Operations, she is responsible for all aspects of administration, organizational effectiveness and program management.  Sandra is excited to be a part of the CEBE team to share her passion and expertise to help improve teaching and learning for children.

Deirdre Crowley - Partner, Graphic Facilitation and Communication Design

Deirdre has been providing innovative graphic facilitation and visual communication services to clients throughout Europe, Canada, Asia, and the United States for more than a decade. She has worked with a broad range of clients, including General Motors, Hewlett Packard, the National Institutes of Health, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Prior to her career in facilitation and design, Ms. Crowley was a trainer for the United States Peace Corps in Jamaica, West Indies in the health and education sectors.

Hubert Dyasi - Associate

Hubert is Professor of Science Education at City College, where he has served for 20 years as Director of the City College Workshop Center – a school and science teacher development institution at the College. He is co-author of Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics (Corwin Press, 2003) and Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning (National Academy Press, 2000). Hubert has served as a specialist on the learning of science through inquiry in the Harvard Smithsonian/Annenberg science education video program, “Looking at Learning . . . Again” and the Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s professional development workshop series. He has been a member of the National Research Council’s Committee on Science Education K-12 and serves on several national advisory boards on science education.

Deidre Farmbry - Principal Associate

Dr. Farmbry is a career educator, having served the School District of Philadelphia for 28 years with her career culminating as Interim Superintendent.  She was the district’s first Chief Academic Officer.  Other positions held were regional superintendent, high school principal, special assistant to a former superintendent, English department head, and English teacher. She is currently an educational consultant working primarily as a Principal Associate with the Center for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE) headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.   Through CEBE, Dr. Farmbry serves as a leadership coach to school principals and their leadership teams and facilitates inquiry into classroom practice through a process known as Learning Rounds.  She helped design and implement a three year program of residential retreats and district visitations for early and emerging school leaders in Newark, Paterson, and Trenton, New Jersey.  The recipient of numerous awards,   Dr. Farmbry has presented nationally on multicultural education, instructional leadership and school reform. She has served as an adjunct professor for several universities and is currently the Professor of Practice for the Philadelphia High School Leadership Project (PHSLP), a collaborative effort between Lehigh University and the School District of Philadelphia to identify and prepare future school principals for the district’s most challenging high schools.   Over the years Dr. Farmbry has authored published speeches and essays on educational topics.

 A native Philadelphian, Dr. Farmbry received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Temple University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, she is affiliated with an international network of colleagues whose expertise is leadership development, affording her the opportunity to study on two occasions at the National College of School Leadership in Nottingham, UK, and at forums in Sydney, Australia and Innsbruck, Austria.

Marcia Green - Senior Associate

Marcia brings thirty-seven years of experience as an educator to the Center for Evidence Based-Education organization.  Marcia served thirty years in the School District of Philadelphia as a teacher, assistant principal and principal.  The additional seven years of service were spent as a principal in North Penn School District of Montgomery County, PA. She was the recipient of two District Superintendent’s Awards and was nominated “Teacher of the Year” twice. Marcia is certified as a NASSP Leadership Assessorand served as a mentor for aspiring and new principals in both Philadelphia and North Penn School Districts. Marcia’s passion is with supporting school leaders in establishing effective learning communities where collaboration and reflective practices are embedded in the school’s culture. Understanding the importance of ongoing professional development, Marcia served on North Penn’s District Strategic Instructional Planning Council and the District Professional Development Committee and is currently a member of the Montgomery County IU Professional Development Council.

Jennifer Hack - Senior Associate

Jennifer brings more than thirty years of experience as a teacher leader in the School District of Philadelphia to the Center for Evidence-Based Education.  She has served as a secondary English Language Arts Department Chair and as a teacher, as a co-author of the Core Curriculum, Literacy, Grades 10 and 11 English (2001-2003) of the School District of Philadelphia, as a contributor to the 2004 edition, as a teacher-consultant with the Philadelphia Writing Project, as a trainer of teachers for the Philadelphia School District, and as a consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Distinguished Educators’ Program.  She has also received accreditation in educational leadership for grades K-12.  It is Jennifer’s firm belief that through meaningful collaborations, teacher knowledge (content and pedagogy), data analysis, and effective practice, teachers can create student centered classrooms that resonate with higher expectations, greater content rigor, higher order thinking skills and meta-cognition. 

Rose Johnson - Senior Associate

Rose is a graduate of London University where she gained degrees in history, and curriculum and educational management. She has 26 years experience in four school districts in the United Kingdom, as a teacher and headteacher as well as head of school improvement, Chief Inspector, and Director of Schools in three of them. She has served on UK government strategy groups reviewing the achievement of ethnic minority students, contributing to ‘Starting with Quality’ for pre-school students and developing anti-bullying strategies for schools nationally. Currently, she is supporting systemic change processes in a London district, integrating education, health and social care services for mainstream students. She has spoken at many conferences and was awarded a Windrush prize for educational achievement.

Maryann Klaus - Principal Associate

Maryann brings over forty years of experience to her work with CEBE.  During her career in the Trenton Public School District, she spent many years teaching Fine Arts and American Culture before becoming a Vice Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent. In her work as a principal, Maryann led the transformation of two urban schools, one a K-5 elementary school, and the other a 6-8 middle school.  As an Assistant Superintendent  for Curriculum and Instruction, she led the transformation of the K-8 curriculum district-wide, and worked to introduce an assessment system that provided teachers with the evidence/data they require to transform students’ learning.

In her current work with CEBE, Maryann focuses on leadership coaching, and designing learning. Her knowledge and understanding of the daily challenges of teachers and administrators, and of how their work can be transformed in the service of all of their students, including those with special educational needs and those who are English language learners, has won her the admiration of colleagues and clients alike.

Claudia Lyles - Senior Associate

Claudia holds a Doctorate in Educational Administration from Temple University.  Over the course of twenty-eight years, she served in the public schools in Pennsylvania as a special education teacher, school psychologist, elementary principal and central office administrator. For five years, she co-directed the Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium, based at the University of Pennsylvania, and has served as an adjunct professor at St.  Joseph’s University.

 She has presented and facilitated professional development sessions on the achievement gap, creating culturally inclusive schools, differentiated instruction and cultural proficiency. She is especially interested in facilitating the capacity of schools and districts to improve their pedagogy through guided reflective practice and collaboration.

Adrian Manuel - Senior Leadership Fellow

Adrian Manuel is the principal of Kingston High School, New York and former principal of the ACCION Academy, a public middle school located in the South Bronx in New York City. He is a graduate of the New York City Leadership Academy, and has taught in the New York City Public Schools for his entire teaching career.

Adrian has led ACCION Academy from being a middle school in the lowest five percent of middle schools in New York City to one that now ranks in the top 24%. He, together with his colleagues, achieved this transformation in the performance of the school in two years. The school is now recognized not only as one of the most improved schools in the city, but also as one of the finest middle schools in the system, preparing its students successfully for the challenges of the twenty-first century. Not only has the academic performance of the students been transformed, but also their social and emotional development, and their participation in the life of their local community. In May, 2009, the students participated in a citywide competition for their artwork in improving the environment in one of the city’s parks.

Adrian has been a Senior Leadership Fellow at the Center for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE), Princeton, where he serves as one of CEBE’s Leadership Mentors.  He is a doctoral candidate at U Penn focusing on educational leadership.

Seth Mellman - Partner, Video Production

Seth Mellman serves as producer and director for SMP Video, LLC of Princeton, NewJersey. Established in 2000, SMP Video LLC produces all forms of corporate and business related video using the latest state-of-the-art digital tools. Clients include WithumSmith+Brown, Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, American Heart Association, QualCare, Inc., The Girl Scouts, HomeFront and Center for Evidence-Based Education.

Seth majored in science and education as an undergraduate at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania and then continued graduate studies in school administration at Lehigh University. Four years as an elementary school teacher, prior to his work in production, provided the foundation that has enabled Seth to lead numerous instructional workshops related to all facets of video production. Princeton Day School, Princeton University and The Princeton Mac Users Group have all employed Seth as a lecturer and instructor.Along with his work at SMP Video, LLC, Seth also serves as the floor director on numerous national television shows that include Iron Chef America, MTV Music Awards, The HBO Comedy Hour, The Dr. OZ Show and Racheal Ray.

Randall Pinkett - Associate

Randall is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BCT Partners, a management, technology, and policy consulting firm. A Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Pinkett holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Rutgers University; a M.S. in computer science from Oxford University, England; a M.B.A. and M.S. in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a Ph.D. in media arts and sciences from the MIT Media Laboratory.

His doctoral dissertation investigated strategies to bridge the “digital divide” – the gap between those who benefit from new technologies and those who do not – by examining the role of technology for the purpose of community building in low- to moderate-income communities.

Alice Reyes - Senior Associate

After graduating from nursing school and working as a maternal-infant care registered nurse, Alice began her teaching career as a bilingual educator for the School District of Philadelphia. She earned her M.ED from Temple University in the teaching of English as a Second Language. Alice worked for twenty-four years in the School District of Philadelphia as a teacher, principal, and Cluster Leader. During her tenure, she helped initiate the Olney Cluster’s exploration of the Coalition of Essential Schools. This movement helped many educators develop and maintain teams of critical friends who met to review student work and improve their practice.

Alice then worked for ten years as an elementary school principal in the Lower Merion School District where she and her team facilitated the initiation of cultural diversity conversations and workshops for staff and community members.

As an adjunct professor at Drexel University, Alice continues to share her love of teaching and learning with future educators.


Christopher Rush - Technology Consultant

Christopher Rush is the service manager for technicianX computers in Princeton, NJ. He studied Computer Science and Biology at the College of New Jersey (TCNJ). He has his CompTIA A+ certification and has taken Microsoft Server training courses. Chris specializes in small business server and networking infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance. He supports many small businesses in the Princeton area including doctors offices, law firms, and several non-profits including CEBE. Chris is fluent in both English and German. 

Michael Schlesinger - Senior Associate

Michael worked for 39 years at the School District of Philadelphia where he held positions that included classroom teacher, Research Associate, Director of Assessment, Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent, and Deputy Chief for Accountability.  His work has emphasized the appropriate use of student-achievement data at the school- and district-level as well as the importance of building schools’ capacity to use both quantitative and qualitative data to improve instruction. Dr. Schlesinger has taught education assessment and evaluation courses at several Philadelphia-area universities, with his most recent work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education where he teaches an assessment course in a program for practicing professional educators who want to lead public and private educational organizations.  Michael holds undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate from Temple University.

Michael Schratz - Senior Consultant

Michael Schratz is Professor of Education at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, where he is Head of the Department of Teacher Education and School Research. Currently, he co-directs the major systemic leadership initiative in Austria. His main interests are in educational innovation and change, with a focus on leadership, quality development, and self-evaluation. Michael has taught in the United Kingdom, undertaken research in the US, and worked in Australia.

He has participated in many international projects in Estonia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and the European Union.

Among his publications are widely read books on teaching and learning, leadership and management, innovation and change, evaluation and quality assurance.

Andy Smith - Senior Consultant

Andy has worked extensively throughout the UK with schools, colleges, universities and Local Education Authorities, and in the US with schools, school districts, and state education departments. He has been a successful full-time education consultant for over twenty years, providing him with a broad experience base from which to support current educational developments. Andy founded the consulting agency QED (Quernmore Education Developments) in 1984, and has since been the agency’s principal consultant. He has specialized in the design and delivery of leadership training programs, strategic planning, performance management and school improvement planning both in the UK and the US. He holds an advanced degree from the University of Liverpool and is an accredited performance management consultant and external advisor. He has trained education consultancy teams for many school districts and leads school leadership teams in the development of school improvement programs based on detailed self evaluation techniques.

Makoto Yoshida - Associate

Makoto is recognized as the foremost authority on Lesson Study in the U.S. and is one of the founders and the president of Global Education Resources. He was born in Hiroshima, Japan and came to the U.S. to study at Lewis and Clark College, where he received his B.A. in education and psychology. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in education from the University of Chicago. His doctoral dissertation research focused on lesson study in Japan, and part of his dissertation served as the basis of a chapter in The Teaching Gap (Stigler and Heibert, 1999), in addition to being featured in many other publications.